rosbilt TinCan Banjo / Ukulele

Contact me at if you like what you see and want to get your hands on one. Or come and see me at any of the shows listed in the sidebar for this year below.
Prices start at $199 and go to $279 (5-string tenor banjo with pick-up).
Thank you,
Ross Stuart, Toronto, On
Visit the other site for sound and pictures!!

New website:

I don't think I will be coming back here very often anymore. If this blog appears tardy, rosbilt TinCan Banjo / Ukulele is alive and well! Please head on over to where updates, sound bytes and photo's will be more current.
Thanks to everyone:

Summer season is over! Onward... into Christmas...

It has been a great summer season, my thanks to everyone to purchased a new rosbilt TinCan Ukulele, Banjo or Mastro-castor from me! I can't do it without you!
The Mastro's have been in short supply I know and some people have found that frustrating, sorry about that. Oil tins are not that easy to come by and I screwed up a whole bunch of what I had during experimentations. All for a good cause though!
I'm expecting to get the Mastro's back in production - with a new modified and streamlined design - somewhat soon. I have to re-stock the Ukuleles and Banjos first as the summer stock is almost completely gone right now. Bit of a design change for those guys too... new labels, one-piece bridge guard... even stronger neck bracket... I've also begun to serialize in order to keep track of the changes, sort of.
Thanks again for a great season: One-of-a-Kind at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place is the next stop. Nov 28 - Dec 08
This year I will be doing all eleven days at the One-of-a-Kind Show (I know some people came to see me during the first five days last year and found I wasn't there untill the last six) Not this time! All eleven! Yah Baby!
Of course, anyone is welcome to visit the workshop and see what I have prior to then: just send an e-mail to and we can set something up.
Mariposa was a very fun time - thanks to all who came by the booth. The canopy is a new design. I insist on a custom booth and this is now my third outdoor booth design. It's not as easy as you may think! Yeah... anyway, it looks a little rickety but it's all welded steel with sliding poles...
Next stop Muskoka 54th Annual Arts and Crafts Show in Bracebridge. Stop by!

This is where I'll be, 2013...

Okay! Line-up so far for 2013:
 Beaches Arts and Crafts, Kew Gardens, June 8 and 9, Toronto
Then it's Mariposa!! July 5, 6 and 7 and then it's up to Muskoka: 51st Annual Arts and Crafts Summer Show -  July 19, 20, 21... Bracebridge
And then... blast off... for the first time... Hillside!, Guelph July 26, 27, 28.
Huronia Arts and Crafts Festival (Kempenfest), August 2 - 5
No reply yet from Summerfolk... Aug 16 , 17 and 18 - Owen Sound
And, of course, Randy Brown's wonderful Cabbagetown 25th Annual Art and Crafts Sale, Sept 6,7 and 8.
Then, the little elves start preparing for the Christmas One-of-a-Kind Show, Exhibition place (Direct Energy building) - Toronto, November 28 -Dec 08. This year I will be there for the duration... all 11 days...

Global News TV interview

These two guys, Dave and Jim, from Global TV news came by to do a look-see at what I'm up to. It was really fun and I think they did a great job. I watched it with my family and we all laughed and groaned at the end when Dave says: "totally redefines the concept of 'canned music' ". Uh, 'lol!
I'll put it up here, 2 mins total, I promise. And one starting commercial.
Come see me at the Beaches, Kew Gardens. Or stop by the workshop at College + Dufferin, just let me know first.